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Category: Lahore Guide Published: Wednesday, 04 January 2012 Written by Joomla

Welcome to Lahore Pass

Lahore pass is your ticket to all the interesting things in Lahore. It is your companion to see Lahore, to travel in Lahore, eat in Lahore, Shop in Lahore and do a lot more in this fabulous city of Pakistan.

The Lahore Pass is a travel card that enables you to travel hassle free in the Lahore Metro Bus, visit places like Lahore museum, Lahore fort, Badshahi mosque etc without any entry.

Lahore Pass also entitles you for special REAL discounts at selected stores and marts, It also gives you special discounts for eating at famous restaurants and also offers a very special discount to hire a car and guide in Lahore from Travel & Culture Services Lahore


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